Yesterday I did something silly. I setup a website for this company I hope to register sometime in the future and make official. It’s called Vritra Networks and the website is currently at There’s nothing much there except for an origin story of the name and all it really is a GitHub Pages hosted site with a custom domain.

I have no idea what I am really going to do here. I am not one for starting a company or getting into business etc., but I’ve had this worm of an idea in my head for a long time that I should do something. While I am currently employed and in IT I think as a long term what I want really is freedom to learn new computery things and just have fun doing it. Not fun in the sense of a chilled out time or whatever, but just picking up new things and generally be excited or happy about what I am doing; and side by side explaining it to others. I have no reason to think I’d be good at explaining things except that I like giving a demo. I blog reasonably well I think, but most of these blog posts are written more for me as the audience than anybody else, so I know I am not really explaining things well as a lot of excellent blog posts out there tend to do. I also like to be excited about IT stuff. In the past it was things like Linux, BSDs, Windows to an extent… nowadays the excitement is less because all this cloud stuff is too abstract and not really exciting to me (but I get what it’s about and I appreciate what’s happening, just that I am not really excited). I suppose I am still a CLI sort of person and what excites me nowadays is technologies like Docker and whatever little bit of dabbling I do in OpenBSD. I want to spend more time in these; I want to explore them more, but I am also someone who tries and keeps a balance so most of the time after a day of work I barely have the energy to sit in front of the computer and do more. Which is fine, balance is important and my work is what pays the bills, but somewhere in my head I think there’s this glorious future where I’ll really “find my calling” and “be in my element” and I dunno be doing things that naturally fit with me. I have no idea what that is, I have no idea if I’ll ever get there, I have no idea what I really want to do except that I think I haven’t found it yet and I don’t even know if I am smart enough to be able to do it when I actually encounter it… but it’s out there.

That last paragraph didn’t make much sense am sure. It doesn’t to me neither. Point is I’ve had this thought in my head that there’s some goal I am working towards in terms of computers and related things that I like spending time with, and while I have no idea what the end goal really is or whether I am even capable or handling it once (if!) I reach it, everything I am doing is sort of leading towards that. And that end goal needs a separate identity – a company made up of just me so I can be a contractor or a consultant I guess and pick the kind of work I want to, and this company needs a name. Every time a name came to my head it didn’t resonate with me the next day or the domain name etc. weren’t available; until earlier this year when the name “Vritra” came and stuck and I booked some domain names and started using it here and there. I have it setup as my organizations on GitHub and DockerHub, I use it for G Suite and a few others… nothing concrete, but I started trying out the name here and there to get a feel for it and it has stuck so far. Yesterday I took one more step forward and decided to make a one page website for it to just put it out there. For all I know it won’t go anywhere, which is fine – c’est la vie! – but I wanted to record that I took this step, and what better place than this blog. Some day in the future I’ll read this post and smile, kind of how I do when I see the About page I made 8 years ago. :)