WordPress post formats

Today I learnt of WordPress post formats. They are useful if you want to have a blog of links for instance, wherein the title of the post will be the link you are referring to and the content is some blurb about the post.

There are many post formats but the formats you can actually use depend on theme you have. Not all themes support asides; here is a list of themes that do. You can also search for themes that support post formats by doing a feature filter for “Post Formats”:


Mind you though, not all themes support all the post formats so it’s important to do a preview to see if the formats you want are supported.

Once you install a theme that supports post formats the supported formats will appear when you compose a new post:


I was confused initially on how to make an “aside” post. This is the type of post you need for a link blog as above. After a bit of trial and error I realized what I have to do is (a) set the post type to “Aside”, (b) Leave the title blank, and (c) have the first entry of the post be a link. Like this: