Year Three:

Today marks 2 years since I booked the domain (, no longer active) where this blog began life. I began posting 10 days later, on 21st November 2012. But that was just an introductory post I think, as the current oldest post on this blog is from 2nd December 2012. When I changed blog URLs I moved that introductory post to the Changelog section. Coincidentally, this post you are reading now also marks the 200th post. :)

This blog has moved on from its original goal of blogging about Exchange to now blogging about movies, thoughts, and whatever techie thing I am currently working on. It began as a outlet I could (hopefully) use to explain things to others. But it has moved to being a personal notebook and bookmarks store – most of my posts are like notes to future self, posts I can refer to to refresh myself on something I may have forgotten or just look up some command or code snippet that I used to solve a particular task. Added to that most of my posts have links to other blogs and articles – links that do a much better job of explaining the concepts – so I can refer to these links too rather than search through my bookmarks. In that sense both the topics and style/ purpose of this blog has evolved from its beginnings. Not that I am complaining – I like where it’s heading to!

Anyways, just thought I must put up a post marking this day. And write a paragraph or two in case it helps anyone else who is on the fence regarding starting a blog. My suggestion would be to just get something started. It’s a good way for the world and yourself to know what you have been up to. Sure there’s tons of excellent blogs out there so it might seem like you have nothing new to add to the pool – and while you may be correct in thinking that, I’d say it’s still a good idea to put your thoughts too out there. Maybe your way of explaining will make better sense to people. Maybe in the process of blogging about what you are learning/ doing you will get a better understanding yourself. Who knows! Give it a shot, and then back off if you have to. This blog too for instance has many weeks when I barely post anything – because I am not doing anything or I am not in the mood to write – and then I think of shutting it down for good. But usually I hold off, and that works out well because when I am back to doing something or I am in the mood to write I have a place to put it down. And then on a day like today when I look back at the posts I made over the past two years I get a kick out of it – wow I have actually worked on and done a lot of things! Who knew!

I guess I Blog, therefore I Am and that’s one good reason to keep blogging. For yourself.