The difference between help and get-help

I always assumed help was just an alias for the Get-Help cmdlet. After all if you type

you get the help page for Get-Help.

But there is a difference. Using help seems to pipe the output through more as you get a page by page display, whereas using Get-Help dumps everything at one go. I checked the aliases though but no alias for help could be found either.

Turns out help is a function! The best way to find out what a command is, is to use the Get-Command cmdlet. Like thus:

And to view what the function is, pipe the output through format-list (or select and expand the Definition property):

And here you can see the help function actually calls the Get-Help cmdlet and helpfully pipes the output through more for you. Also, the function is set to use the help page for Get-Help which explains the help page anomaly.